• Gail Newman

A tough one

I recently held a very hard funeral both for the family and myself. However, this was a special circumstance. When you receive comments like this, it makes me realise just why I do this job:

'Good Morning Gail. Hope you are keeping well and all is going to plan. We are on our ferry and should be at Greenacres by 12.30. (name removed) is planning on doing her reading if that's still ok. I'm not going to be able to read anything Gail. If i don't get the chance i just want to thank you for everything you have done. It was lovely speaking with you and i know (name removed) Celebration of Life is so safe in your hands. See you soon x'

'Gail you was amazing today, thank you so much, you did (name removed) proud, you are so professional, sincere and dignified, it was as if you'd known (name removed) all his life, you made it so personal, you will be the one I will be recommending. Lots of love, take care XxxX'

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